"Pam Ross has crafted a distinctive musical style that defies conventional classification. Although her music falls within the Americana genre, she artfully combines a diverse range of influences, resulting in a unique genre fans affectionately refer to as “Pam Music.” 

Sinusoidal Music Magazine

October 24, 2023


"Pam Ross is the real deal. She knows a lot about life and her lyrics reflect that knowledge. She can be so funny. She can break your heart. “Soulful” is definitely a great word to describe her singing and sometimes her solo guitar sounds like a whole band." 

Doug Thompson / Sourthern Songwriters Festival 

September, 25, 2023

"…gifted…one of the most impressive artists we know."

Iggy Magazine

…melodies that are powerful and emotionally resonant." 

Indie Music Flix

It’s not easy to incorporate elements of alternative, country, indie folk, and indie pop into a single song, but Pam has done it effortlessly. She has managed to create a sound that is both unique and familiar, a style that appeals to a wide range of listeners. 

 - Djordje Miladinović:  Words, Thoughts, Actions

August 23, 2023


“Music has the power to transcend time, resonate with our emotions, and spark conversations on pressing social issues. Few artists have the ability to wield that power in a profound and impactful manner like Pam Ross.  Ross’ signature sound can be characterized by her soulful vocals, powerful guitar playing, and thought-provoking lyrics

 -Skope Magazine

April, 23, 2023


Reviews: Better Than a Good Thing

Lyrically, “Better Than A Good Thing” transcends clichés, delving into the heart of life’s complexities… The song’s composition is a testament to Pam Ross’s artistry. Its seamless fusion of vocal prowess, poignant lyrics, and masterful instrumentation creates a captivating sonic landscape. The song doesn’t merely entertain; it immerses the listener in a rich, emotive experience that lingers long after the final notes fade away.


December 23, 2023


…this track is a sonic masterpiece that deftly treads the line between rock, Americana, and country music – or as fans lovingly refer to it, “Pam Music”. With a perfect blend of captivating lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and raw emotions, this tune is a testament to Pam’s ability as a songwriter to seamlessly weave life’s complexities into a beautiful symphony…The collaborative synergy between Ross’s vocal prowess and the instrumental composition results in a captivating sonic landscape that immerses the audience in a rich, emotive experience.

Jimmy Danials from Music Crowns

January 19, 2024


Pam Ross succeeds in creating a sweet and uplifting musical experience that captures the essence of love and family. It’s a difficult song to resist, given its genuine sweetness and the universal emotions it evokes.

–Jason Airy from Skope Magazine

December 26, 2023


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